【XT30 X100f伊吹山山上駐車場】伊吹山星空観望会2024へ行って滋賀県最高所からのサンセット眺望と星空鑑賞

posted:2024-05-06 | lifewithphoto | X100Fで写真


2024年のゴールデンウィーク5月3日、以前から告知がされていた「伊吹山星空観望会 2024」へ行っていました。







伊吹山山頂駐車場 眺望編
伊吹山山頂駐車場 サンセット・星空観望会編
伊吹山山頂駐車場 スナップ編

Ibukiyama stargazing party 2024.

On May 3rd of Golden Week 2024, I went to the “Ibukiyama Starry Sky Observation Party 2024” which had been announced for some time.
There was another post posted about this event on Facebook, but the attached image was of a mountaintop parking lot at night, with the blue night sky and participants’ lights shining…It looked like it would be a very photogenic image. So this is the only way to go! I had made plans.

The Ibukiyama Driveway that goes up to the highest point in the prefecture, which I had been neglecting, is scary.

To get to the site, use the Ibukiyama Driveway. I had checked the location and route on Google Maps many times, but when I actually drove it…the view got better and better as I drove down what seemed like a normal driveway.

Actually, I have a fear of heights. When it comes to the 3rd floor of an escalator in a small commercial facility, it is no longer good.
That’s why, even on the Ibukiyama Driveway, as I drove along, the scenery out of the car window became higher and higher, and my body cringed in tight and I couldn’t stop tingling.
Finally the top of the mountain! I don’t know how many times I thought this, but instead of reaching the top of the mountain, the obstacles gradually disappeared and the view became higher and higher.
Every time I drove, I cried out, “Eh, not yet.”

Spectacular views from the parking lot at the top of Mt. Ibuki.

The altitude of the parking lot at the top of Mt. Ibuki is 1,260m, which is one of the highest in the prefecture.As it was sunny with no clouds, it was a spectacular view that I had never seen before.
At 1,260m, the lower part of the world is really far away.

Regarding photography, at this height, is it close to the point where the sky changes color? The sun feels different, the light from the sun shines directly from the side even though it’s not even sunset yet, and the light just after the sun sets is unique, with unique colors and the way the light spins that I’ve seen in advertising photos. …I was able to see…
After all, I thought it’s good to go to places like this that you don’t usually go to…

Since there are so many photos, I will post them in 4 parts.
・Ibukiyama summit parking lot view version
・Ibukiyama summit parking lot sunset edition
・Ibukiyama summit parking lot Stargazing party edition
・Mt. Ibuki summit parking lot snap A spectacular view of the summit parking lot.


・撮影日時:2024年5月3日 17:00-20:00頃
・撮影場所:〒521-0307 滋賀県米原市大久保 周辺
・撮影カメラ:FUJFILM X100F、XT30


伊吹山 山上駐車場 伊吹山星空観望会2024、撮影 写真・画像 / Ibukiyama mountaintop parking lot Ibukiyama stargazing party 2024,Photography,Image



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